SLCC 2009 - Sunday

This was a quieter day. Fewer people were around since there were fewer presentations today.

I caught the second half of the Project Management presentation in the business track, and I'm thinking of working on a version control tool for objects.

I also caught the second half of the Building a Community session in the fashion track, but I didn't learn much there and the talks tended to go off on a tangent.

At noon, I rushed over to the Avatar Design session, which turned out to be presented by Kaz, whom I met yesterday. We got a good look at her new Dravyn Hatchling project. Her work is very impressive and she makes it sound easy to make. Artists of her caliber are the ones who are changing the face of Second Life by bringing professional game quality into SL.

As I headed to the registration area to look for the location of the next session I wanted, I met Ina Centaur coming up the stairs and she turned around to ask for a picture with both of us. She wanted pictures with the women of Second Life. I think I ruined that picture. :D

Then off I went to the Benefits of Virtual Worlds for the Physically Disabled, and I saw JanythKU Techsan by the door. Janyth did the presentaion on online learning in the education track last Friday, but as I was reading through the bios later, I realized she was also Saxet Uralia, whom I met at Burning Life 2007 and who is still in my friends list. So I went to say hi and she gave me a hug after she read my name tag.

Inside the room, I found Ina Centaur again and Mia Kitchensink, who turned out to be a close friend of JamesLarken Supply, the presenter. I (as my main alt) know James only in passing, since he also used to go to Capos Calderwood's shows frequently. It was a very informative session from a disabled person's standpoint. I wanted to say hi to James at the end, but I had to rush off to catch the bus to the Exploratorium.

I overheard the doorman give instructions to someone else for the #30 bus stop. As Patio said, it was only a couple of blocks away. As I was waiting, I saw Simon again. Simon is the man who went to the wrong hotel and attended our convention instead of the one he intended to go to. He was with LizaJune Stoop, who is building a historical virtual museum in SL; I offered to help.

We arrived a bit late, but the group was still near the front, and more people arrived after us too. (We got in free, being guests of Patio.) I won't talk about the exhibits, but, hearing Patio talk about the concepts behind them, it sounded as though we were in Wonderland. It's like being a child again.

Most of our group stayed behind with Patio after the bells rang to indicate that the museum was closing. And he continued to show us a few more things. In the end, he offered to reveal the secret to seeing polarized light (this was after discussing an exhibit that involved polarized light), but he warned that after you learn it, you can't unlearn it, so you would see a bowtie shape everytime you look at a monitor screen.

Well, I had to know. Eshi (whom I just noticed towards the end) also wanted to know, but she left before Patio revealed how to do it. Well, learning how to see it is different from learning to actually see it. So, all I've learned is the method. I have yet to apply the method. And, if you're curious about the method, send IM to Patio Plasma in-world and tell him you found the teaser on Treasure Box's blog. :)

On our way back to the bus, I chatted with Simon briefly until we had to cross the street. He wanted to stay and look around the lake for a while before heading back. But before we left, he asked us to sign his Avenue magazine copy as a souvenir. (Liza was chatting with a British lady who went off on her own while we were signing the magazine.) Then Liza and I met two more people near the bus stop -- GG Writer, who is also a teacher, and DrawDweeb Latte, with whom we exchanged tips about building classes. DrawDweeb learned to build in a class given by NCI. I told him about Primtionary. And when I asked if he had been to the Ivory Tower of Prims, he took out his iPhone to take notes and he said, "This is why I need to go to conventions." :D

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