In this blog, my tone is more professional, more serious. I have several other blogs, including personal ones, where I filter myself less. In fact, I used to have a Twitter feed in this blog and I removed it later because my tone in Twitter is different from my tone in this blog. I thought that my tweets about everyday things and travel didn't go along with the professionalism that I was trying to establish here.

Well, that's changing now.

I will still have some serious articles where it's appropriate to be serious, but this blog won't be uptight anymore, because it doesn't make sense.

In the past month, I've been reading a lot about network marketing in its diverse forms. There's something they call "attraction marketing". They say that you have to look like a leader for people to be attracted to you. Well, there are two problems there.

One, if you're pretending to be a leader ("fake it til you make it"), you already lost a very important ingredient in leadership -- integrity.

Two, it's a chicken-and-egg problem. They imply that, if you're not a leader, no one will follow you. But, if no one is following you, how can you call yourself a leader?

I think there's a better approach to attraction marketing.

People relate to others who are like them. We're not gonna be like everybody in the world, but there's always a common ground. If you're able to read this blog, you have a home, you have teeth, you have skin, you have hair, you have parents, you have friends, you think about finances, you care about your health, you have dreams.... Well, whadya know, so do I!

Okay, okay, I'm oversimplifying, but it's that common ground that attracts us to people.

In this new marketing venture, the company sells household and personal care products. Stuff we use everyday. Since we're also customers of those products, we use them everyday. So why not talk about everyday things, things that we have in common with a lot of people out there?

So, I'm putting back the Twitter feed. You'll see tweets about what I ate for lunch or how I removed a laundry stain in the same page where I post a serious blog about marketing in SL. But that's who I am. And the more of me I expose out there, the more likely people would find something in common with me.

Doesn't that make more sense than pretending to be a leader?

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